AAC conference in Budapest

By Danijela Szili.

The two-day conference (6-7 February) was organized in Budapest by the Hungarian Rett Syndrome Foundation, Hungarian Angelman Syndrome Foundation and Kapcsol-At Kft. who are the official Tobii distributers in Hungary.

It was a huge event with almost 300 participants. Most of them were therapists from all over the country working with nonverbal students. Around 30 parents also attended. The conference was not only Rett-related and had lots of general sessions about AAC and both low and high tech devices. Plenary sessions were followed by workshops where participants could test devices and software. Music therapy approaches where also shown in small groups.

We were lucky to have experts from abroad attending this big event as speakers. Hector Minto presented Tobii and eye gaze technology. Cochavit Elefant, music therapist and her husband Lotan Meir from Israel presented their enormous, fruitful experience with Rett girls. Our goal was to stimulate professionals, therapists in Hungary to learn new technics but also show them positive experiences, try to motivate them to believe in our girls more and offer them more options to communicate.

This is just a start for us. We have a long way to go.

AAC conference in Budapest
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