AAC: Send stories and pictures now!

Important message from Gill Townend and Gerna Scholte (Researcher and Augmentative & Alternative Communication Expert, Rett Expertise Centre Netherlands).

Dear friends,

Individuals with Rett syndrome can communicate clever, funny and spot on messages. We are hoping you have many stories to share with us.

Over the last 5 years the number of individuals with Rett syndrome that have access to proper Augmentative and Alternative Communication has increased. Many individuals are now using Eye Gaze technology to operate a Speech Generating Device in combination with other low-tech options. For example, ABC flip books, choice making symbol charts.

More and more stories and examples of clever, funny and spot-on messages are being shared through Facebook and other social media platforms. It’s encouraging and inspiring to read about how individuals communicate in day-to-day situations. These examples are accessible to other parents and some professionals. We believe that more people should see and read about the brilliant things individuals with Rett syndrome have communicated by using AAC.

To accomplish this, we want to start collecting photographs and written reports of real life examples of communication of individuals with Rett and the people around them. We are hoping to use those pictures and descriptions for future presentations (for example: the next European Rett Conference in Berlin) and would love to make a magazine/booklet celebrating communication in Rett syndrome. Please help us to make this a reality.

Attached is a letter which explains what we would like you to do. Please share this letter with as many parents (and therapists) as possible.

Don’t be afraid to send us your stories. In any language. We would love examples from all around the world.

Let’s celebrate any and every example of communication and share these with each other and with the wider world.

Flood our inbox with your stories!!

There is no deadline, just keep the stories coming…..


Check the original letter with instructions HERE.

AAC: Send stories and pictures now!
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