Rett Syndrome Europe new board – a message from the president

(from left to right: Danijela Szili, Yvonne Milne, Wilfried Asthalter, Stella Peckary, Caroline Lietaer)


To succeed Thomas Bertrand as a president will be a honour and a challenging assignment. He was an excellent president and exceptional person. His mandate was over, we would have loved to keep him for many more years. I want to thank everybody for the confidence you have shown me in giving me this new task.

Yvonne Milne, UK ; Wilfried Asthalter, Germany and Danijela Szili, Hungary, we are a strong team that works hard, each member of the team has its different, specific strengths. We are a team not only because we work together but because we trust , respect and care for each other, there is a lot of solidarity in the Rett Community. I’m also very happy to welcome Stella Peckary from Austria to the Board, she has a lot of experience and I’m sure she will be an excellant board member .

I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to work during the last years with a lot of inspiring people and I want to thank them for their support during all these years.

We will continue to work more closely with the experts and Rett Centres in order to strengthen this relationship and to stimulate cooperation with our projects . We will also continue to have special focus on the countries which are in need of information.


Lietaer Caroline, President Rett Syndrome Europe

Rett Syndrome Europe new board – a message from the president
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