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Eurordis Membership Meeting 2015

By Danijela Szili. Each year, the EURORDIS Membership Meeting provides over 200 patients, patient organisations, policy makers and other stakeholders with networking opportunities and capacity-building workshops to improve the lives of those living with a rare disease. The EURORDIS Membership Meeting workshops are designed to allow patients to develop the knowledge and ability to advance […]

EURORDIS Membership Meeting 2013 and DITA Task Force meeting in Dubrovnik

By Danijela Szili. EURORDIS is a non-governmental patient-driven alliance of patient organisations representing 585 rare disease patient organisations in 54 countries covering over 4000 diseases. Every year EURORDIS organizes its Membership Meeting in a different European city. This is an occasion for patient representatives to gather and learn from each other. The EURORDIS Membership Meeting 2013 […]

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