Both Artistic and Therapeutic Rett Summer Camps in Hungary organized by Hungarian Rett syndrome Foundation

Since its foundation in 1995, the Hungarian Rett Syndrome Foundation has been organizing therapeutic summer camps for children and adolescents with Rett Syndrome. The girls are all with multiple special needs and in need of full care, so organizing the camp involves a lot of coordination and preparation. In Hungary, it is very difficult to provide these children with respite care during summer, and there are very few day care centres or camps for them.

This program gives parents one week to relax and provides special therapeutic activities and leisure activities that can stimulate development of children and the improvement of their social abilities. This is why it is unique among the Hungarian summer camps.

This year we organized two art therapy camps, the first at the end of June in Hajdúszoboszló and the second at the end of July near the Tisza Lake in Sarud. The program involved 23 children and young people with Rett syndrome, 8 siblings, 6 therapists and 19 volunteer care providers.

The children took part in individual and small group music therapy sessions, as well as in art therapy that develops hand function, eye-hand coordination and concentration. Besides p music therapy and artistic activities the program also included physical therapy, dog assisted therapy, horseback riding, boating, spending time on the beach with swimming and many other leisure activities.

This wonderful summer experiences were greatly aided by the large number of volunteers who provided the children with activities throughout the day in addition to the development activities. In both rounds, the girls with the Rett syndrome gained a lot of experience.

The therapy camps were supported by the MOL Foundation’s Child Healing Program, thanks to donations from NEO Property Services Zrt., Decathlon, Dominic Gallello and other donators.

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