Rett Resource

The Board of Rett Syndrome Europe is proud and delighted to present its European project „Rett Resource“
This project, which is based on the current Rett UK Family Companion, aims to provide comprehensive information on arrange of issues covering many of the complex features of Rett syndrome, giving guidance on day-to-day management.
Rett Resource covers subjects like bone health, drooling, depression, epilepsy, GI issues, genetics, nutrition and hydration, poor growth, puberty, scoliosis, screaming episodes, sleeping troubles, stereotypies; as well as peculiarities in common therapies, such as hippotherapy, hydrotherapy, music therapy, occupational therapy or physical therapy. New articles will be introduced later in the project.

Rett Resource is now available for free download in following languages:


Croatian (Hrvatski)

Dutch (Nederlands)

French (Français)

German (Deutsch)

Lithuanian (Lietuvių)

Macedonian (Македонски)

Russian (Pусский)

Serbian (Српски)

Swedish (Svenska).

Turkish (Türkçe)

IMPORTANT NOTE Please note that under no circumstances you have authorisation to publish these articles on other websites. RSE member associations are very welcome to organise Rett Resource translations into their native language. However, any translation MUST be carried out by an approved and professional translator and published on RSE website. If you are in any doubt, please contact for advice.

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