The Russian Rett Syndrome Association invites you to participate

Rett Syndrome Association invites you to participate!

The international Rett syndrome community is waiting for this event every four years. This year it will take place in the oldest and one of the most beautiful Russian cities Kazan, the largest religious, economic, political, scientific, educational, cultural and sports center of Russia with a 1000 year history. The Kazan Kremlin is one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites.

The goal of the Congress: this scientific-practical forum is aimed to make a closer acquaintance with the multifaceted issues of Rett Syndrome and other rare diseases. Gathering scientists, experts and relatives of children and adults with Rett syndrome at the same site within 5 days, we seek to bring the idea of universal participation and interest, the importance of coordination of actions to improve the quality of life of «rare» Russian citizens and people from all over the world!

Inviting outstanding Russian and foreign experts and practitioners, professors of medical and other universities, special educators and specialists of rehabilitation centers, representatives of legislature and executive, we want to share knowledge and the latest scientific achievements in the field of rare diseases, Rett syndrome, experience of working with them as well as the best solutions in their day-to-day life, social support of their families.

Using the example of Rett syndrome we want to show that a rare disease SHOULD NOT limit the lives of the patients. Their lives can be full, bright, and long! We sincerely thank the scientists who stimulate science and research and look for the cause and cure! We are immensely grateful to practicians who help us to overcome the trials and difficulties of development! We say «thank you» to representatives of the authorities, who do not just listen and tell us that we are doing great, but also take the same path, creating new laws and developing a conceptual change in an accessible environment for all in everyday life!

The Russian Rett Syndrome Association invites you to participate
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