AIRETT International Call for Research Projects on Rett Syndrome

AIRETT, the Associazione Italiana Rett Onlus (no-profit Italian Rett Association) that brings together the families of children affected by Rett syndrome (RTT), intends to contribute to the development of basic research activities, applied clinical research, and development of new rehabilitation approaches focusing on RTT (MeCP2, CDKL5 and FOXG1 genes). We are seeking grant applications that progress the discovery or development of treatments or cures for this disease. Since we recognize that many gaps exist in the basic understanding of pathogenetic mechanisms of this disorder, basic science projects that address these gaps are welcome, provided that they put the basis of a potential therapy. Projects addressing the clinical complexity and heterogeneity of RTT are also welcome.
The total funds available for basic, clinical and rehabilitative research are 400.000 euros. The maximum request of 100.000 euros is for the duration of two years per project. .
Project submission:
There will be a two-steps procedure for joint applications: pre-proposals and full proposals. The deadline for submitting the pre-proposals is scheduled for midnight of 25th May 2018.

AIRETT International Call for Research Projects on Rett Syndrome
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