Summer Camp for Rett Girls and Their Families in Hungary

By Danijela Szili.

This year we were lucky to be in Balatonöszöd, in a very nice house complex on the Balaton coast. We had 46 participants, 14 Rett individuals, girls from 3 to 26 years old, 9 siblings, 3 fathers, 14 student therapists and aids, five moms and one therapist and member of the board who was with us all the time together with her therapy dog. Thanks to her the girls had an eventful holiday with music therapy and the therapy dog. We also had 2 physiotherapists with us: one for a single day only, and the other until the end of the camp.

Hydrotherapy in the inside pool, massage for the older girls and ride with a sailing boat were also among the activities we were able to choose from.

Siblings had bowling facilities, table football and could rent bicycles and water bike pedal boats for free.

The weather did not allow us all to swim in the lake. It was cold for most of the participants.

We all enjoyed spending time together, sharing experiences, getting to know each other better.

We hope that parents who did not come also enjoyed this six days of respite care we were able to provide for them.


More pictures can be found here.


Summer Camp for Rett Girls and Their Families in Hungary
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