New Video From Germany!

Voiceover: What is Rett Syndrome

Many thanks to Gabi Kessler and colleagues at Rett Deutschland e.V. for this lovely video. Stilianos Brusenbach (his daughter is 27 years old) explains how important it is to talk to other affected families.
Jens Philippi is with her daughter Anna who is 6. Anna has been riding for 4 years which has really helped her core strength. Anna can now stand with support thanks to therapeutic input.

Gabi Kessler is with her daughter Jenni age 32. Gabi says ‘that Rett syndrome is a dramatic diagnosis that changes life but it is still a life worth living. Our Rett children can enjoy a good quality of life and they deserve to be loved.’

To view the video with captions in your chosen language, open the video in You Tube, click on CC (closed captions) then Settings, right click auto translate to choose your language.

New Video From Germany!
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