Overview interesting Resources in Covid times

Rett Syndrome Europe is happy to give you an overview of the interesting resources which are available and organized by different associations in different languages in these period of lockdown


Free games in all languages:  Gazeplay is a free and open-source software which gathers several mini-games playable with an eye-tracker : https://github.com/GazePlay/GazePlay



If you missed the Webinars of Lotan Meir you can watch them here

Physical Therapy Strategies for Home, Lotan Meir (Israel)

Movement Techniques for Caregiver & Child, Lotan Meir (Israel)

At-Home Moves and Stretches for Tweens and their Caregivers, Lotan Meir (Israel)

Moves & Stretches for Adults wit Rett Syndrome, Lotan Meir (Israel)

For these 4 presentations of powerpoint of Lotan Meirhe has made those slides available to Caroline Lietaer, President of Rett Syndrome Europe, to facilitate translation

Following interesting Retteducation webinar you can see after free registration:

Walking and Rett syndrome with Meir Lotan, MScPT, PhD: https://bit.ly/3bZ5tAz

Gross Motor Skills, benefits of an enriched environment with Jenny Downs, PhD: https://bit.ly/2VewZDk

Movement Disorders and Motor Issues in Rett with Bernhard Suter, MD, https://bit.ly/39RPeDV

Supporting Individuals with Autism in Uncertain Times  University of North Caroline https://afirm.fpg.unc.edu/supporting-individuals-autism-through-uncertain-times

Rett UK

Home schooling in Covid times: slides


Essential Skills for Rett Families in Challenging Times:Part 1….. is available to watch again here (after free registration): www.rettuk.org/Webinar/EssentialskillsPart1

A copy of the slides can also be found here: www.rettuk.org/Webinar/EssentialskillsPart1/Slides Part two is on 22nd April.


On Facebook ÖRSG presents every week another girl/boy of a member family with activities during Covid19 Lockin: view the different video’s on the facebookpage : https://www.facebook.com/RettSyndromAustria/

For Tobii, IPAD, Step by Step,… Webinars, Video clips from Life Tool solution 



Introduire les thérapies chez soi en période de confinement, Lietaer Caroline:




Webinars Nederland: de laatste over COVID geeft allerhande tips en gratis sites (Het Sprekend boek, Gazeplay)  : https://rett.nl/webinars/

De webinar over Covid vond ik heel goed maar het loont ook de moeite om alle andere webinars nog eens te bekijken

De luisterpuntbibliotheek biedt tijdelijk een aantal luisterboeken gratis aan voor iedereen: https://www.luisterpuntbibliotheek.be/nl

Bereslim, een aanbieder van pedagogisch verantwoorde computerspellen voor peuters en kleuters, kan tijdelijk gratis gebruikt worden: https://www.bereslim.nl/nieuws/171-gratis-bereslimmeboeken-voor-thuis.html

Zowel MindExpress, Communicator als Tobiidynavox hebben Nederlandstalige pagina’s over Corona.

Overview interesting Resources in Covid times
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