Overview of the Network Support and Research event 2023

RSE board are very pleased to present an overview of the March 2023 Network Support and Research event (see the document below). We would particularly like to draw your attention to the outcomes and action plans for each country that participated.

In addition, since the event, the presentations have been translated into Spanish, Italian, Finnish, German and Ukrainian extending the reach of the knowledge, information and ultimately benefitting the health and well being of people with Rett syndrome and their families.

We are hugely appreciative of our funders, The European Joint Programme for Rare Diseases Network Support Scheme, and our sponsors: Anavex Life Sciences Corp., Neurogene, Neuren Pharmaceuticals and Taysha Gene Therapies.

Special thanks to our volunteer organisers, SAB members and country hosts for all their hard work in making the event such an outstanding success.

Overview of the Network Support and Research event 2023
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