Project of a lifetime – “Mutual Support: Expanding Borders”

In 2019, the project “Mutual Support: Expanding Borders” was held for the Rett syndrome communities from Russia, Armenia, Kazakhstan and Moldova. Belarus also joined the project. There were organized trips for the experts and parent teams to these countries, as well as round tables, workshops, master classes, lectures, and parent sessions within the framework of the project. All events were filmed. As a consequence, two documentaries and three social videos about Rett syndrome, children, families, specialists, and the life with Rett syndrome were created.

The project was made possible as a result of joined efforts between four mothers: Olga Timutsa (Russia), Marina Parazyan (Armenia), Doina Lozetski (Moldova), Roza Berkesheva (Kazakhstan), and with the support of the Presidential Grants Fund of Russia. Among the project participants were also 10 parents from Russia. In total, more than 150 people took part in it and around 68 people who got professional advice from leading specialists from different countries.

Upon completion of the project participants came up with a social resource layout for replication. The results of the project can be used as an example on how to join efforts, conduct events, develop communications and help families.

The main idea of the project is to improve the quality of life of the children with Rett syndrome regardless of their residence (city, country). In order to bring this idea to life we all need qualified treatment, relevant information, research, and well developed social support.

In the last week of February 2020, various cities and countries such as Russia, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Belarus, and France hosted events with screenings, video discussions, and films initiated by the rett syndrome Association (Russia) with the support of friendly non-profit organizations.:

  • Public foundation “Erekshe ZHOL”, Kazakhstan;
  • “Source Foundation supporting children with disabilities and their families”, Armenia;
  • Public foundation “Children of Rain”, Moldova;
  • ‘I-Rettkaya’ institution , Belarus;
  • Association «LEBED», France.

We will keep showing our documentaries and developing international cooperation between families and specialists from different countries for the sake of children.

Project of a lifetime – “Mutual Support: Expanding Borders”
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