Update from Anavex Life Sciences clinical trial

Anavex Life Sciences Corp. announced the completion of the ANAVEX®2-73 (blarcamesine) U.S. Phase 2 study in Rett syndrome. The Company expects to announce topline results from this study in the next quarter.

ANAVEX®2-73 is an orally available, small-molecule activator of the sigma-1 receptor which, data suggest, is pivotal to restoring neural cell homeostasis and promoting neuroplasticity. The U.S. Phase 2 study enrolled 31 patients with Rett syndrome and all patients completed the 7-week trial.

ANAVEX®2-73 demonstrated a statistically significant improvement in primary and secondary end points relative to placebo in patients with Rett syndrome. Newly published topline data from the phase 3 AVATAR study showed that treatment with blarcamesine resulted in statistically significant improvements on the new primary end point and significantly reduced Rett syndrome symptoms through changes in potential biomarkers of disease pathology.

Read the full announcement here.

Update from Anavex Life Sciences clinical trial
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